A PR agency has welcomed a highly popular social media star to its client list.

Blakes Media Management has recently announced that the popular Scottish star, Daniel Henderson, has joined the agency, showing high interest in expanding his reach and capabilities with a view to raising his profile as he continues to discuss topics ranging from mental health, dealing with periods, female equality, toxic relationships. Whilst promoting these matters, Daniel thrives to change people’s perceptions and attitudes, especially towards females.

A spokesperson for Blakes Media Management said: “It’s a great pleasure to welcome Daniel on board with us. With his blog pages becoming so popular, Daniel has been invited to do “meet and greet” appearances, and has travelled to over 30 countries to engage with fans around the world. On one instance in Texas, USA, in order to get a picture with Daniel, over 100 people surrounded his car in the town market place he was visiting.”

Daniel describes himself as a Scottish Self Help Guru offering VLogs and Posts designed to empower, praise and inspire women of all ages.

Acting was something Daniel studied at Paisley, Scotland. Now with his confidence fully grown, film and TV acting is something now on his agenda to achieve.

Daniels current global outreach totals in excess of 3.5m across his various platforms and has a ever increasing audience on his TikTok account where he regularly posts talking about feminine topics.