On 1st August 2019 , Bhasha Mukherjee made history by becoming the first South Asian woman to win Miss England.

Less than 12 hours later, Bhasha started her new job as a Junior Doctor at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Lincolnshire.

During her reign, the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, which prevented the organisers, so no 2020 final was held, so now she has made history again by becoming the LONGEST SERVING MISS ENGLAND WINNER EVER!

After taking part in Miss World in December 2019 , Bhasha decided to take time away from work and committed to a humanitarian trip to India with the Coventry Mercia Lions club in the Spring of 2020. During this trip the world wide Coronavirus pandemic began and Bhasha was stranded in India. The Foreign office rescued Bhasha and brought her home to England when she returned back to work as a Doctor for the NHS with the story appearing on worldwide news channels including BBC & ITV News in this country.

Bhasha came to England aged 9 as an immigrant family and shared a house with other families on arrival. Her parents and brother now live in Derby.

Bhasha was scouted to enter the Miss England competition by the Asian Face of Miss England, which is a contest held alongside Asiana magazine to find more Asian entries to the competition.

Bhasha is 23, 5ft 7ins tall and holds two medical degree’s which she obtained at Nottingham University and has an IQ of 146 making her officially a “Genius”.

Since winning the Miss England title, Bhasha has supported Diabetes UK as her Beauty with a Purpose Project in Miss World after revealing her own father suffers from the disease and almost lost his eyesight. Bhasha took her Diabetes Campaign in to schools to promote the importance of eating less sugar. “I believe Diabetes is preventable if we educate our younger generation” said Bhasha before she started her project in October 2019.

Miss England has appeared in various media across the world since she won. Since winning the title, Bhasha has become an ambassador for www.plastfree.co.uk, a completely Plastic free Sanitary pad after finding our that the average sanitary pad has the equivalent amount of plastic to 5 plastic carrier bags! “Its worrying to think of how much landfill 1 woman can contribute in a lifetime” said Bhasha.

During her reign in 2020, Bhasha was planning on travelling around India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on various humanitarian projects with the Coventry Mercia Lions Clubs and was invited to visit the luxury Destination of Mauritius as part of her prize for winning the title. Bhasha’s travelling was cut short in March 2020 when she started to receive messages back home from her fellow doctors and nurses about the Pandemic. After making plans to return early, Bhasha ended up one of many people stranded in India for over a week and had to be isolated whilst she stayed with her 80 year old grandmother in Kolkata.

Thankfully the British Foreign office intervened and Bhasha managed to get back home. After self isolating for 2 weeks, Bhasha is now back working at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Lincolnshire as a Junior Doctor.

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