Daniel describes himself as a Scottish Self Help Guru offering VLogs and Posts designed to empower, praise and inspire women of all ages

He has been involved in 7 years of researching information and producing content on social media platforms  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  His keen topics range from mental health,  dealing with periods , female equality , toxic relationships  In promoting these matters, Daniel thrives to change people’s perceptions and attitudes, especially towards females. He also is keen to form charities to perform vital services. One example is a charity to provide sanitary products to places in the world where young women are deprived of having such items.

With his Blog pages becoming so popular, Daniel has been invited to do “meet and greet” appearances, and has travelled to over 30 countries to engage with fans around the world. On one instance in Texas, USA, in order to get a picture with Daniel, over 100 people surrounded his car in the town market place he was visiting.

Daniel would like to try his hand at modelling – he has certainly received lots of offers.

Acting was something Daniel studied at Paisley, Scotland.  Now with his confidence filly grown,  film and TV acting is something now on his agenda to achieve.

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